Start Of The Season Show

Start Of The Season Show

26th May 2024



GL16 7EL


All horses must have passports that are
up-to date with vaccinations and must be shown to secretary before being

Please Respect the Judges.

**Entries via club website**

          There will be a one-time
fee of £3.00 for First Aid.

Contact details: – Kirsty Holder- 07808835472

                    Ridden Ring – From 10.30am  

1.    Intro to Showing (Aimed at riders new to showing, or never


2.   Best Lead Rein Pony


3.    First Ridden Pony (Off Lead Rein)


4.   Best RoR / Sport Horse (If enough entries, categories will be


5.    Best veteran 15yrs+ (Age displayed on bridle)


6.   Best Mountain or Moorland (Large & Small Breeds)


7.    Best Ridden Coloured (incs Palomino, Spotted & Duns)


8.   Best Cob/ Cob Type


9.   Best Turned Out

            Classes 1 – 9           

                                                                                                £8 Members                                                                                                  £10 Non – Members

       Rosette’s 1st – 6th place.

Medal to Winners


In-Hand Ring – From 10.50am  

10.                Intro to Showing  (Aimed
at riders new to showing, or never placed)


11. Best Veteran 15yrs+ (Age
displayed on bridle)


12.                Best Foreign Breed 


13. Young Handler (12yrs
& Under)


14.                Best Coloured (Inc. Palomino, Dun & Spotted)


 15. Best Cob / Cob Type 


16.                Youngstock (1,2&3yrs old) 


17. Best Mountain &
Moorland (Large & Small Breeds)


18.               Best RoR / Sports Horse (If enough entries, categories will be



10 -18 – £8 Members & £10 Non Members


Rosette’s 1st – 6th
place. Medal to Winners



Clear Round – 9.30am – 11am / 3pm – 4pm

£3.50 per round including


Entry Rule

With regards to Horse Welfare which we are passionate about the
maximum classes a horse/pony can do is either 5.

If you would like to enter on the day, it is first come first
serve. Except for dressage.
CASH only on the day to enter.



Starts 9.30am

19.               ODRC Tiny Tots Test 2

20.              Intro B ( 2009)

21.               Prelim 18 (2002 rev 2016)


1st -6th Medal to winners

Fee:- £8 Members & £10 Non Members


Entries Close 17th May and Times published 23rd May after
6pm **


Big Thank you to GDR
Solutions Ltd for providing Medical Cover for our events.



A little Extra Showing

Starts 12.30pm

22.             Most Handsome Gelding

23.              Prettiest Mare

24.             Best Condition

25.             Best Mini / Shetlands

26.             Fancy Dress

27.              Best Rescue


1st -6th Medal to Winners


horses/ ponies get a treat after each class

Fee:- £6 Members & £8 Non Members


Show Jumping

Starts 11.15am

28.              20 -30cm (1 round against the clock)

29.              30 -40cm ( 1 round against the clock)

30.               40 -50cm ( 2 rounds)

31.                50 – 60cm ( 2 rounds)

32.                60 -70cm (2 rounds)

33.               70 – 75cm ( 2 rounds)


Class 28 & 29 are run under Table A4:-

A table A4
is just one round against the clock where combinations are placed on faults and

Classes 30 – 33 are run under Table

The most
common is Table A7 which comprises of jumping the first round within the time
set but not against the clock. All clears go through to a second round timed
“jump-off” where the fastest combination with the least faults wins.


Rosettes 1st – 6th,
Medals to winners

Entry fee:- £8 Members & £10 Non

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