Rules & Policy's

PASSPORTS MUST BE SHOWN TO THE SECRETARY BEFORE UNLOADING HORSES! With regards to the ‘Equine Flu’ problem the Committee has agreed that ALL horses and ponies attending ODRC Shows and Clinics/Rallies need to have up to date 12 month flu vaccinations. If your horse has had to re-start his jabs then he will need to have received the first 2 in order to attend. You will be required to produce your horse’s passport to the secretary before unloading your horse(s). Failure to produce the passport or a finding of outdated vaccinations will result in you being asked to leave. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Please note that FULL payment will be required at the time of booking for all clinics/rallies. Without full payment your space will not be secured. Bookings can now be made via our website.

Entries are in advance, but we can accept entries on the day, if spaces permit.
Please contact the club if you have any questions with regards to entries.

Club Rules

1. Shows will be run under either British Showjumping, BE, BD, BSPS or NSPS rules. Rules will be in Secretary’s office.
2. Entries close on the day, unless otherwise stated on the schedule.
3. The organiser’s reserve the right to refuse entrant without assigning a reason.
4. All competitors take part at their own risk. The organiser’s do not hold themselves responsible for any accident that may occur to any horse, pony, rider, spectator or property.
5. Protective headgear, must be worn whilst mounted on the showground.
6. In the event of insufficient entries classes may not be split junior and senior.
7. The Judge’s decision is final.
8. The organisers have taken reasonable precautions to ensure the health and safety of everyone present. For these measures to be effective, everyone must take all reasonable precautions to avoid and prevent accident’s happening and must obey the instructions of the organiser’s, officials and stewards.
9. Stallions to wear Stallion badges & ribbons on showground and wear bitted head gear.
10. All dogs must be on leads and under control at all times. Please pick up your dog poo .
11. Please ensure that the correct foot wear, jodhpur boots with gaiters or long riding boots only and show jackets are to be worn for all competitions, pony club jumpers will be allowed at all the shows.
12. Please DO NOT tie your horses up to the side of the lorries/trailers and leave unattended.
13. No refunds given on entries fees, unless veterinary certificate is produced.
14. Only horses/ponies that have been entered for classes/paid for clear round can use the facilities this is due to insurance purposes.
15. Any horse /pony seen to mistreated will be asked to leave the show ground, any person who does not respect our volunteers, judges & committee will be asked to leave as well.
16. Please make sure all riders with long hair have it tied back into a bun or

put in a hair net.

Show Attire


Please make sure as a rider you have the following attire for competitions:

A Show Jacket or Blue/Black Jumper.

Cream/White/Beige Jodhpurs.

A collared shirt with a Tie or Stock with pin.

Long Riding Boots or Short Jodhpur Boots.


A correctly fitting hat to current standards.

Hair must not be below the collar. Long hair to be tied up and in a hairnet please.

Body protectors are recommended for all jumping disciplines but are compulsory for XC events and our Eventers Challenge Show.

Horse or Pony

No martingales or boots in Dressage and Snaffle mouth only.

White or Black saddlecloth in Dressage.

Black or Brown numnah for Showing (ideally the same colour as your saddle)

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