Minutes for the
Ofas Dyke Riding Club AGM on the 07/01/2023 at 19:00

Hailey, Katie no show. Grant and Johanna are also a no
show but send apologies and stepped down. Danni (vice chairman), Kirsty
(chairman), Kay(admin), Charmaine (treasurer) and Madie (secretary + sponsorship
co-ordinator) and Sophie (show co-ordinator) are on the committee and was
present at the AGM.

– Trouble with the web, we have no access so will be
emailing the company to see if we can get the name and email address changed on
the account so we can have access to it. When we have access to it, we will
change the admins on it and close the account as someone else can manage it.
When this is completed the old bank account will the be closed as it is only
open so that the website payments can continue. (£50.00 a month for the website
to run). We would like to change this so that we do not need to use equo as
they take a fee out, we are hoping that people will be able to do it all by the

-£1972.96 in the bank, we have four payments (424.08p) to
come out for the insurance before our first show and will need to take 750 out
for the next kids show just to cover pavilion, field, toilet and medical.

 – Christina to
judge dressage. Put on as much as we can to make it worth the money. packages
to try and entice people into doing more? For example: three showing classes
and the third one free. Dressage and showing to cost 8(members)+
10(non-members) … 2 classes for 14 or 10. have schedule put by January and
really push it.

– Change of sponsorships classes: £25 a class, three for
£60, six classes £90 and ring sponsors (min of eight classes) £100

– We will be doing 1-6 rosettes instead of 1-10th
to try and earn more money.

-As we did not have control over the bank last year, we
are unsure whether sponsorships were paid for, however this year Madie will
send out invoices and co-ordinate with Charmaine to ensure they are paid and

– Running camps – verify where and how much. upfront cost
– early payment class. Look for instructors to be cost efficient.

                                                                                 – tickets will be sorted for badminton – just chasing up prices for the coach.                                                                                    

                                                                                                         Badminton – 7 am leave. Leave at 6pm.                                                                                                                  

  We will check prices for: your horse live again? Badminton? Gatcombe?

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